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InnerCore’s Token Sale Starts

What is InnerCore?

InnerCore is an Infrastructure Platform for Decentralized Applications aka, an easy way for developers to deploy and power their DApps

InnerCore’s network of decentralized computing resources, which is provided by humans throughout the world, makes it easy for developers to deploy, power, and grow their DApps.

Innercore replaces traditional cloud providers, giving decentralized application developers an easy way to deploy and power their custom DApps throughout the decentralized internet.

Innercore’s Gateway serves as a bridge between application developers and the decentralized internet. Developers publish their application through the Gateway, whereafter their application is powered by Innercore’s network of decentralized computing resources. These resources are provided by a collective of independent and globally distributed individuals and their respective devices.

Innercore’s platform fuses traditional and decentralized components to create a pragmatic offering that serves the needs of tomorrow’s decentralized applications.

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