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ICOVO (OVO) Airdrop

ICOVO is an ICO-listing site that offers increased protection to prospective investors through the implementation of KYC/AML techniques.

ICOVO is airdropping up to 20 OVO, with a total value of about $6, to airdrop participants. You can earn an additional 0.1 OVO (about $0.01) for referring a friend. The airdrop values are based on an ICO token price of 1 OVO = $0.30.

The airdrop is currently ongoing, and will last until the end of the ICO, or until all tokens are sold.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Sign up on their website and verify your email.
  2. Select “Airdrop” on your dashboard and complete 5 tasks on TelegramTwitter, Email registration, Facebook and APP download.
  3. Every action/task is worth 4 OVO tokens.